February 2016

DPM:UK 2016 – A very late roundup

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I had a great time at DPM:UK in  January this year and have only just had the time to blog about it. My highlights included: Hanging out with my PM colleagues Talking about Meditation on the train back with @digicalix Listening and talking to Brett and Sam and musing about what a global DPM community …

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Self Analysis with Harvest

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This is a reproduction of a guest blog I wrote for Harvest at: https://www.getharvest.com/blog/2015/11/using-harvest-to-automate-tasks-improve-work-happiness/   How long before the robots attack? While getting drinks one Friday after work, some friends and I got round to discussing whether it would be such a bad thing if robots took over the world. We didn’t come up with …

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