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So….about me.

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10+ Years of PM will change you

I’m an experienced digital consultant and certified scrum professional. I’ve worked in digital for well over a decade at the following roles:

  • Digital publisher for online educational multimedia
  • Freelance Project Manager
  • Scrum Master in Agile organisation working with startups
  • Senior Project Manager in Global organisation working with Enterprise level clients
  • Delivery Team Leader
  • Engagement Manager
  • Consultant and Strategist

I’ve also been responsible for a number of community events and such as The Big Do

I’ve spoken at a number of national and international conferences such as The DPM Summit, Deliver Sessions, Digital Summit Stockholm and Ground Control

You can see more about all that stuff here: View Stephen Thomas's LinkedIn profile View Stephen Thomas’s profile

Here’s the alternative version:

  • Under 16 Scottish First Aid Champion
  • Ran the Edinburgh Marathon
  • Vomited in British Hong Kong and China within an 10 minute period
  • Inventor of the game ‘Hit with glove’
  • Scared of Moths, the Moomins and Audrey Hepburn
  • Married with 2 kids and still wondering how my wife puts up with me
  • Supports Raith Rovers and Welsh Rugby
  • Had an allotment, currently growing grass and dandelions
  • Co-Founder of Ben Week
  • Sang on the main stage of the V festival (admittedly it was 3 in the morning and the festival had finished but I still sang)

Contact Details

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dubaussi


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