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British Patriots Coming Back to the UK: Angry Version -   This is the angry version. For the happy version: Click here So it ends and so we return. Flights are booked and soon Copenhagen will be a distant memory. I wonder what exactly I'll be coming back to:   No more naked people frolicking outside my office window No more drinking beers in the… Continue Reading
Lego House -   Lego fever So for the second time since moving to Denmark; our family rose early and began the 3hr train journey and annual pilgrimage to Billund - Home of Legoland and more importantly the new Lego House.  It was't open last year so we were all super excited to check it out. Generally, we… Continue Reading
Copenhagen at Night A Day in The Life of Copenhagen - Holly challenged me to create a vlog, so I thought I'd do my  best to showcase a typical winter's day in Copenhagen (everything is pretty typical except us managing to get a babysitter and go out on a weekday - normally more of  a weekend treat) It's a lovely city and a place I have… Continue Reading
Stella Polaris A Distorted View part 2 - Festivals Part 1 is here So we've embraced Copenhagen festivals. This summer may be eccentric in terms of weather (it changes from glorious sunshine to pouring rain and back again every thirty minutes) but there's still consistency in Copenhagen's festivals and street parties. Every week there tends to be music and events of various shapes… Continue Reading
Christiania Beach at Night A Distorted View part 1 - Denmark is a funny old place. On one hand everyone stops at the red man here. Like immediately and with the utmost precision. The roads here are a lot wider due to the cycle lands so often there is a middle island dividing the two streams of traffic. If the pedestrian light switches from green… Continue Reading
Copenhagen Today was a good day… - Despite having a cold; today I did the following things:   Had an awesome bacon and eggs breakfast cooked by my loving wife Went to a sweat lodge and had some amazing saunagus Lunch was lingonberry-flavoured-bread, chicken sandwich We headed off to Superkillen Park Before grabbing an ice cream and a cold Mikkeller in… Continue Reading
So, yeah, that doesn’t happen every day… - So I'm naked, cold and trying to explain to the cloakroom attendant (who looks really stoned in my opinion) that I need my 'RED BACKPACK WITH THE BLUE COAT' so I can get my jacket, a beer and prevent imminent death from Hypothermia. It can only be a Sauna Party in Denmark... It's a fairly… Continue Reading
I’m beginning to like the taste of spunk… - Since being in Denmark, I've been pushing myself to try new things. However, even with this attitude I couldn't conjure much enthusiasm for putting a load of spunk in my mouth. When I first tried spunk, I was expecting something sweet and delicious, but it's really nothing like was a shock to the system.… Continue Reading
Ouch… - So overnight it got to minus 9 or colder. Trying to get to work the following happened: My bike lock completely froze up and broke. It will have to be removed by an angle grinder. Our bucket bike had its gear cables freeze up and then snap. My wife's brake cables froze up and snapped.… Continue Reading
2016 Review of Copenhagen Part 2 - For Part 1 Click Here   Good #2 The Meny Supermarket So our local supermarket is the Fakta. It's a short walk from our apartment and offers a good range of products at reasonable prices. It's slightly more posh than Lidl but not quite a Sainsburys. I'll always like the Fakta because its: Local Cheap Sells… Continue Reading
My jacket 2016 Review of Copenhagen Part 1 - 2016 oh dear... I’m not going to do a full review of my 2016 as it would go a bit like this: ‘Oh God no, Oh no, Ahhhhhhh. Hnnnnnn, Nooooo! Not him too, Oh and him... This is depressing... This really is depressing. Oh no... Surely not. Bugger, bugger bugger...Ouch... oh not that....oh damn and… Continue Reading
ice swimming The Sauna and The Sea - So, lots has been happening. Work, play, parks, hygge and plenty more else. I'm certainly nowhere near running out of anything to do in Copenhagen. There's a huge amount of events occurring each week and there seem to be countless interesting places to explore. Today, however, I had my first taste of winter swimming. Near to… Continue Reading
Holmen First Week at Work - Monday/mandag Bright and early, I wake up to the SAD lamp powering through its 100W light wake up alarm complete with bird noises....Yeah, weird I know but it was left by our landlord and it does the job. Soon enough, I'm all power-dressed and on my way into work. I was supposed to be having a lazy… Continue Reading
First five days in Copenhagen - So, we are here. We finally did it and now Oxford seems a world away as I look out the window to the neon glow of the Thai restaurant opposite. All around me are candles and blankets and pools of light from eclectic Danish lighting giving off a cozy glow. So far everything's been great… Continue Reading
A New Adventure - In 24 days time, my family and I will be using our one-way ticket and heading off to Copenhagen for a new adventure.  After 10 years of living in Oxford, it will be a fairly big change but one that I hope will have lasting and positive impacts for myself and my family. I’m going… Continue Reading