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Deliver Conference 2019 - So, Deliver Conference 2019 one of the most fun and community-spirited DPM events you can go to. Here is my talk that I gave at the conference": My talk at Deliver Conf 2019 Here are some details and links to the speakers I reference:Matthew Syned - Black Box ThinkingHere is the short Youtube summary… Continue Reading
Ground Control I had a great time at Ground Control… - In April 2017, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Ground Control. It was one of the most fun, inclusive conferences I've attended and I really recommend that people look out for future conferences from White October Events. They are a great team and know how to take great care of delegates,… Continue Reading DPM:UK 2016 – A very late roundup - I had a great time at DPM:UK in  January this year and have only just had the time to blog about it. My highlights included: Hanging out with my PM colleagues Talking about Meditation on the train back with @digicalix Listening and talking to Brett and Sam and musing about what a global DPM community… Continue Reading
graph Self Analysis with Harvest - This is a reproduction of a guest blog I wrote for Harvest at:   How long before the robots attack? While getting drinks one Friday after work, some friends and I got round to discussing whether it would be such a bad thing if robots took over the world. We didn’t come up with… Continue Reading
slack Building a Community With Slack - The rise of Slack is pretty incredible. It was nothing that new Everyone was fine using Skype/IRC/Yammer/Hipchat/Whatever for instant communication Yet now it seems like everyone is on Slack (And if you're not, you really should be) I was introduced to Slack right at the point where I was trying to do some clever automation… Continue Reading DPM Summit 2015: NO PMs – It’s the future - Thanks for checking out my blog. I've broken up my DPM: Summit talk into 3 distinct posts. For the 'Price per Point' contracts stuff check out Part 1 here Part 2 about automation tools is here Slide deck here The role of managing a digital project is not one person’s responsibility. It is a team effort.… Continue Reading
robo PM DPM Summit Talk : Building the Robo-PM - Thanks for checking out my blog. I've broken up my DPM: Summit talk into 3 distinct posts. For the 'Price per Point' contracts stuff check out Part 1 here This is Part 2 about automation Part 3: No PMs - It's the future. Is here.   As Digital PMs, we are living in an amazing… Continue Reading
Retromat Retromat Print Edition - Retromat is one of the finest tools out there for project managers or teams needing an idea for a retrospective. I've used it countless times and while I don't follow its format to the letter, I do find it provides a really useful springboard to creating your own effective retrospectives. Often you need a… Continue Reading
Big Do The Big Do - On May 15th, myself and the PMs of White October put on The Big Do conference/event. It was a fairly big deal for me as it: Proved that it was possible to do such a thing and there would be an audience for it Promoted a different side of Oxford that conference attendees don't always… Continue Reading
Holly Holly Davis on driving project success - I'm very lucky to work with Holly Davis. She's been a source of inspiration and support during the ups and downs of being a PM. Recently she wrote a guest blog for Resource Guru. It's one of the best blogs I've read for some time and contains some sound PM advice. Check it out at:… Continue Reading