Building a Community With Slack

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The rise of Slack is pretty incredible.

  • It was nothing that new
  • Everyone was fine using Skype/IRC/Yammer/Hipchat/Whatever for instant communication
  • Yet now it seems like everyone is on Slack (And if you’re not, you really should be)

I was introduced to Slack right at the point where I was trying to do some clever automation with Skype and was suddenly realising what a closed eco-system it was. To do what I wanted to do would have involved setting up a sever or creating my own bot. All of which was beyond the time I had available and the technical skills I possess.

With Slack it was ‘click, ping, pop’ and everything was integrated and automated as I had wanted without any major hardship. This is when I realised the real exciting stuff with Slack is yet to come. Once people start leveraging more and more integrations then we’ll start to see some really innovative uses of this great communication framework. I’ve already seen some really interesting stuff like:

However, more and more I’m seeing Slack used outside of specific workplaces as a central hub for communities. Conferences like the DPM Summit are now building momentum for the event and sharing resources afterwards via Slack.

At DOPM we were using a single channel for planning our meetup, but under the guidance of Holly Davis we’ve just launched the Digital Project Managers UK Slack Group.

The primary aim was to use Slack to collaborative plan our DOPM meetups, but we wanted to to broaden our horizons so we can look at:

  • Sharing learning with Digital PMs nationwide
  • Sharing worthwhile learning events and facilitating meeting up around these
  • Provide a forum for support and for developing new skills

There’s no guarentee that these aims will be met. The online world is full of abandoned communities and forums that never really took hold. However, the initial signs are really promising and we’re definitely going to learn a lot more about how Slack can work in building communities and what sorts of resources Digital PMs actually engage with. It will also hopefully be a massive help if we do any more events like The Big Do.

If you want to join the slack group just  send a tweet to @DOxPM or email


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