Coming Back to the UK: Happy Version

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  This is the happy version. For the angry version: Click here So the adventure reaches a new twist. We will be coming back to the UK at the end of August. The primary driver is my in-laws who are going through some tough times with their health and we are lucky enough to be …

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British Patriots I hate all the people in this picture already

Coming Back to the UK: Angry Version

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  This is the angry version. For the happy version: Click here So it ends and so we return. Flights are booked and soon Copenhagen will be a distant memory. I wonder what exactly I’ll be coming back to:   No more naked people frolicking outside my office window No more drinking beers in the …

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Maurauti Chicken A great curry from Kadai & Naan

Curry at Kadai & Naan

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It’s Tuesday. I’m cold and I just got £50 in cash that was owed paid back to me. So I’ve nipped off for a curry on my own at Kadai & Naan on Cowley Road. It feels a bit self indulgent, greedy and anti-social, but it also feels really good. I had a friend who …

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My favourite pub is now a coffee shop…

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I used to love the Prince of Wales in Iffley. It was a proper pub with proper beer, a proper fire and proper alcoholics propping up the bar. Though not a regular, I used to always get a warm welcome from Peter and Lona when they ran the pub, and Peter was one of the …

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