Phone App fever

Customer Discovery and a cure for App Fever

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Many businesses, when faced with a dissatisfaction with their current digital offering, or when finding themselves itching to reach new customers and appear up-to-date, will sit down in a meeting and utter the phrase: ‘Let’s make an app’. This in itself is no bad thing. According to comScore we have now passed the ‘tipping point’ …

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Sketch notes from DPMUK Thanks to ‏@digicalix for the great sketch notes

Did we really say we would do that?

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Technology capability continues to grow at an exponential rate. From Moore’s Law to Gilder’s law, well-known trends provide ample evidence that there will be no plateau in the use of increasingly complex technologies. The social effects are just as astonishing: ten years ago the job of app developer, big data analyst or cloud services engineer …

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