A Distorted View part 2

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Festivals Part 1 is here So we’ve embraced Copenhagen festivals. This summer may be eccentric in terms of weather (it changes from glorious sunshine to pouring rain and back again every thirty minutes) but there’s still consistency in Copenhagen’s festivals and street parties. Every week there tends to be music and events of various shapes …

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Christiania Beach at Night....and Yes I Went for a Naked Swim

A Distorted View part 1

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Denmark is a funny old place. On one hand everyone stops at the red man here. Like immediately and with the utmost precision. The roads here are a lot wider due to the cycle lands so often there is a middle island dividing the two streams of traffic. If the pedestrian light switches from green …

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Fun at Ground Control

I had a great time at Ground Control…

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In April 2017, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Ground Control. It was one of the most fun, inclusive conferences I’ve attended and I really recommend that people look out for future conferences from White October Events. They are a great team and know how to take great care of delegates, …

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Self Analysis with Harvest

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This is a reproduction of a guest blog I wrote for Harvest at: https://www.getharvest.com/blog/2015/11/using-harvest-to-automate-tasks-improve-work-happiness/   How long before the robots attack? While getting drinks one Friday after work, some friends and I got round to discussing whether it would be such a bad thing if robots took over the world. We didn’t come up with …

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Maurauti Chicken A great curry from Kadai & Naan

Curry at Kadai & Naan

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It’s Tuesday. I’m cold and I just got £50 in cash that was owed paid back to me. So I’ve nipped off for a curry on my own at Kadai & Naan on Cowley Road. It feels a bit self indulgent, greedy and anti-social, but it also feels really good. I had a friend who …

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Holly Davis on driving project success

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I’m very lucky to work with Holly Davis. She’s been a source of inspiration and support during the ups and downs of being a PM. Recently she wrote a guest blog for Resource Guru. It’s one of the best blogs I’ve read for some time and contains some sound PM advice. Check it out at: …

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