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Coming Back to the UK: Happy Version

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This is the happy version. For the angry version: Click here

So the adventure reaches a new twist. We will be coming back to the UK at the end of August. The primary driver is my in-laws who are going through some tough times with their health and we are lucky enough to be able to support them. However, there’s so many good reasons to feel overjoyed about coming back to the UK.


  • Stopping Brexit (or at least giving it a good shot)
  • Trying to network with NGOs and environmental groups to gradually move into doing something more purposeful with my career
  • Boring the pants of people with my tales of saunas, designer furniture and other Scandophile knowledge
  • The Chester Arms Steak Platter
  • Decent Indian Food
  • Getting my free coffee at Waitrose and marvelling at not paying over £40 for a leg of lamb
  • Having some real ale at the Isis tavern before wondering to the Botanics on a beautiful summer’s day
  • Going to a church fete with ten pounds in my back burner. Coming home three beers and one cake later armed with a bottle of shampoo, some Babycham and a year old bottle of mulled wine from a Tombola score, plus a Coconut and fifty pee change.
  • Waking up to Evan Davis or John Humphries kicking some political ass on the today program “WITH RESPECT MINISTER, YOU’RE NOT ANSWERING THE F******** QUESTION…”
  • Seeing old friends and making new ones
  • Smuggling back a ton of Danish designer furniture and completely restyling our house
  • Watching our son reconnect with friends and (hopefully) get a place back at our fantastic local primary
  • Not having to listen to Kim Larsen any more
  • Going our for a couple of coffees and a pastry and having change from ten pounds
  • Not buying a beer and just realising you paid £11 for 33cl
  • Reading the ‘Friends of Iffley’ newsletter out loud and doing my best posh voice impression as I recite the articles about the open garden festival and the save the Yew tree campaign
  • Helping family out and trying to do good for other people
  • British strawberries, British Asparagus….only things I get nationalistic about but they are the best in the damn world (when in season)
  • Understanding what people are saying (most of the time)
  • Going out at night and trying to dig up some homeless spikes
  • Being inspired by Danish freedom and having some barbecues and beers in Florence park with parents and kids
  • Doing more stuff for my community
  • Becoming more militant in my old age; think I’m gonna get a doormat that says “48%…if you’re not in, you can’t come in”
  • Eating lamb again
  • Not having to eat so much pork based produce
  • Being closer to Scotland
  • Driving through the Cotswolds to find a place for a nice Sunday lunch
  • Being inspired to cycle more, getting a cargo bike and trying to do the shopping via bike not car. Its loads easier
  • Not having to drink warm Schnapps ever again
  • Meeting old friends for a quiet midweek pint and then suddenly finding its 3am and you have work the next day
  • Ending up in High-Lo and knowing despite what you just texted your wife, you must be really hammered and you’re probably going to start arguing with people about Reggae Music and football
  • Finding Irn-Bru is more widely available
  • Knowing you are more likely to meet Jacob Rees Mogg and thus your chance of being able to punch him in the face is significantly higher
  • Being able to get the 6 nations without some crappy stream
  • Knowing that  England will lose at rugby again and you will be there to see it happen
  • John Lewis at the Westgate Centre (it’s all the talk)
  • DOPM, catching up on old community events and starting new ones
  • Being able to come back to Copenhagen every few weeks for work
  • Carrying on with meditation and learning to live with a world in which Trump is president and the government is unopposed and hopefully becoming a better more tolerant person for it in the future
  • Knowing the Tory’s will have to lose at some point and you will be there to see it
  • Marching against the cuts and the lack of humanity in UK society atm
  • Beer gardens and Pimms
  • Pruning the Wisteria while your wife brings you a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit
  • Knowing that no winter will ever get so cold that your bike will snap in two
  • Less broken glass and fag butts on the street
  • Seeing Max the dog more regularly
  • Wandering up the Cowley Road, getting some good coffee and craft beer before buying the best in World cuisine from the amazing shops
  • Being closer to family

So you see it isn’t all that bad. I’m probably gonna keep my CPH job and be working remotely for a while (with a bit of regular travel). Emma is looking for opportunities and in the longer term plastic is starting to get me down so I’m keen to find out if I could put my skills to use in  something more related to the environment.


Hit me up if you have any good opportunities


For a less cheery take on returning to the uk read: The Angry Post

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  1. […] This is the angry version. For the happy version: Click here […]


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