Deliver Conference 2019

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So, Deliver Conference 2019 one of the most fun and community-spirited DPM events you can go to.

Here is my talk that I gave at the conference”:

My talk at Deliver Conf 2019

Here are some details and links to the speakers I reference:

Matthew Syned – Black Box Thinking
Here is the short Youtube summary about growth mindsets but there lots more in his book about cultures that are able to evaluate and learn from mistakes.

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Bene Brown talks and writes about how shame can affect our lives and how if we can be comfortable being vulnerable we can lead more wholehearted lives.

Dan Harris – 10% Happier
Dan has an amazing story to tell about how meditation made him 10% happier.

Sam Barnes – You Can Do Well or You Can Do Good

Who is Sam Barnes and where does he get these amazing talks from….? Click the link to find out more

Jo Franchetti – Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome & Anxiety

Jo Franchetti is amazing. Follow her on Twitter at:

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