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I had a great time at Ground Control…

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In April 2017, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Ground Control. It was one of the most fun, inclusive conferences I’ve attended and I really recommend that people look out for future conferences from White October Events. They are a great team and know how to take great care of delegates, speakers and staff. Plus they still speak to me after I project managed their website built, so I know they are forgiving people too.

Rather than tell you about my talk. You can see it here:

But I really would recommend you check out all the other talks. Michael Lopp, Meri Williams and Sam Barnes were my personal favourites. Sadly some of the workshop/open forums weren’t recorded but these two were great – Carson Pierce and Shahina Patel providing wisdom once again.

More importantly, these events captured the every growing sense of community that exists within the DPM world. A lot of that has been driven by people like Brett Harned and the amazing louder than ten team, but also through bloggers, contributors, meetup organisers and mentors (like Holly Davis).

I actually think the being a DPM is a far more exciting career option that it was 5 os so years ago. Sure the stress is still there, the hours can suck, the clients won’t always thank you, the team might expect you to deal with their problems without consideration of your own….. but we get to work in an incredible creative industry, empower talented developers, designers and other professionals to do their best work, apply structure to chaos to reduce fear and stress and help people sleep better at night, and also get to connect with amazing and inspiring PMs at conferences like ground control. I can’t wait for the next one…

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