Posted in Copenhagen

So overnight it got to minus 9 or colder.

Trying to get to work the following happened:

  • My bike lock completely froze up and broke. It will have to be removed by an angle grinder.
  • Our bucket bike had its gear cables freeze up and then snap.
  • My wife’s brake cables froze up and snapped.

This is not normal right? People shouldn’t settle and build cities in such places where this happens.

Anyway, I’m grumbling into work and feeling the January blues. Outside it’s so cold your face¬†feels like it is being eaten by angry¬†ice ants.

Thankfully, my artic jacket is keeping me going. It has a hood that you can hide away in and no one can see you and no cold can ever get to you.

Not sure if that’s a metaphor for something….

Does anyone actually like January…? We should just start skipping it.

On a happier note, the kids are loving the snow…

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