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The Big Do

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On May 15th, myself and the PMs of White October put on The Big Do conference/event. It was a fairly big deal for me as it:

  • Proved that it was possible to do such a thing and there would be an audience for it
  • Promoted a different side of Oxford that conference attendees don’t always see
  • Allowed me to learn from and network with some inspirational PMs

I initiated a lot of the planning and format around The Big Do, but realised pretty early on that there was no way I could carry this on my own. It was amazing what the rest of the organising team (Holly, Sarah, Mel & Ant) brought to it. I learned a really valuable lesson from this: Often we work with very talented people but we don’t always get to appreciate those who work in the same role. Putting on a major event like this allows you to see the different strengths and weaknesses that you all have. Definitely collectively we achieved something far greater than any of us could have done as individuals, so there’s a legitimate sense of pride there, even if in the scheme of things it isn’t going to drastically change the world. (Although saying that, the conflict resolution workshop has dramatically changed the way I think about conflict).


I’m hoping to blog more formally about the day, but currently my work is extremely hectic and energy levels are low.

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